Class: RoutingGeoportail

ol.control. RoutingGeoportail

new RoutingGeoportail( [options])

Geoportail routing Control.

Name Type Argument Description
options Object <optional>
Name Type Description
className string

control class name

target Element | string | undefined

Specify a target if you want the control to be rendered outside of the map's viewport.

label string | undefined

Text label to use for the search button, default "search"

placeholder string | undefined

placeholder, default "Search..."

inputLabel string | undefined

label for the input, default none

noCollapse string | undefined

prevent collapsing on input blur, default false

typing number | undefined

a delay on each typing to start searching (ms) use -1 to prevent autocompletion, default 300.

minLength integer | undefined

minimum length to start searching, default 1

maxItems integer | undefined

maximum number of items to display in the autocomplete list, default 10

maxHistory integer | undefined

maximum number of items to display in history. Set -1 if you don't want history, default maxItems

getTitle function

a function that takes a feature and return the name to display in the index.

autocomplete function

a function that take a search string and callback function to send an array

  • event:select
  • change:input



ajax(url, onsuccess, onerror)

Send an ajax request (GET)

Name Type Description
url string
onsuccess function


onerror function



Calculate route


Set the map instance the control is associated with and add its controls associated to this map.

Name Type Description
map _ol_Map_

The map instance.