Class: IsochroneGeoportail

ol.control. IsochroneGeoportail

Geoportail isochrone Control.

new IsochroneGeoportail( [options])

Name Type Argument Description
options Object <optional>
Name Type Argument Description
className string

control class name

apiKey string <optional>

Geoportail apo key

target Element | string | undefined

Specify a target if you want the control to be rendered outside of the map's viewport.

label string | undefined

Text label to use for the search button, default "search"

placeholder string | undefined

placeholder, default "Search..."

inputLabel string | undefined

label for the input, default none

noCollapse string | undefined

prevent collapsing on input blur, default false

typing number | undefined

a delay on each typing to start searching (ms) use -1 to prevent autocompletion, default 300.

minLength integer | undefined

minimum length to start searching, default 1

maxItems integer | undefined

maximum number of items to display in the autocomplete list, default 10

maxHistory integer | undefined

maximum number of items to display in history. Set -1 if you don't want history, default maxItems

getTitle function

a function that takes a feature and return the name to display in the index.

autocomplete function

a function that take a search string and callback function to send an array

exclusions string

Exclusion list separate with a comma 'Toll,Tunnel,Bridge'

  • event:isochrone
  • event:error



Calculate an isochrone

Name Type Description
coord ol.coordinate
option number | string

A number as time (in second) or distance (in meter), depend on method propertie or a string with a unit (s, mn, h for time or km, m)


Set direction

Name Type Description
direction string

The direction: 'direct' or 'reverse', default direct


Set the map instance the control is associated with and add its controls associated to this map.

Name Type Description
map _ol_Map_

The map instance.

setMethod( [string])

Set the travel method

Name Type Argument Description
string <optional>

method The method (time or distance)


Set mode

Name Type Description
mode string

The mode: 'car' or 'pedestrian', default 'car'